Guided by Principle

Efficiency and productivity are guiding principles at ECA. Our office is organized to minimize time involved with coordination and overhead functions. This translates to lower overhead, higher productivity, higher employee efficiency and motivation, and overall cost-effective technical consulting services. ECA is employee-owned, creating a staff of motivated and dedicated employees who get the opportunity to share in the financial rewards that ultimately result from providing superior service. Incentive programs have also been established to further motivate employees to consistently deliver the highest level of client satisfaction.

By hiring and training a knowledgeable staff, by responding to the needs of clients, and by performing each project in a professional, honest, and economical manner, ECA offers the utmost in quality and service to each and every client. Providing quality and cost-effective service has lead the firm and its many loyal customers to many successes for nearly two decades. We believe that our dedication to these proven traditional principles will lead ECA and its clients along the paths to success for many years to come.

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Environmental & NEPA
Marvin Webster, MES, REP
(770) 667-2040 x 101

Wetlands & Ecology
Ben Salter, MS, REP, PWS
(828) 505-0755

Environmental & NEPA
Eric Johnson
(770) 667-2040 x 114

History & Archaeology
Dina M. Bazzill, MA, RPA
(770) 667-2040 x 111

Geotechnical & Engineering
Hector A. Acosta, MSCE, PE
(770) 667-2040 x 110

Architectural History
Jaime Destefano, MS
(615) 255-0065